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OPTAR: Optional PIR Based Trusted Address Resolution For DNS

One of the major concerns in the today’s extremely growing internet world is the user privacy. In a LAN environment this user privacy can be achieved using cryptographic methodologies such as encryption and decryption. DNS (Domain Name System) traffic moves through the switch or hub in which the LAN assailants have the chance to gain the DNS information or can divert the normal DNS path to manipulate it, if the DNS payload is in a plain data format. Hence more sophisticated techniques are required to achieve maximum tolerance. PIR (Private Information Retrieval) is a concept over cryptography which permits to collect the required information from the server without disclosing the user privacy information to the server. In this paper we are merging the concept of PIR(partial) into the DNS to achieve DNS user privacy from the DNS server using a proxy server situated between the user and the DNS server. Also, we are able to handle the redirection attack by the proposed scheme.