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Architecture Of Beverage Vending Machine Leveraging The Automated Teller Machine

This paper outlines the design and implementation of the beverage vending machine linked with the Automated Teller Machine and it’s style of functioning for efficient and fast beverage delivery. The ATM Card is the primary requisite in this proposed system for ordering the beverages. The selection of beverages from the system accompanies the request for the ATM Card number along with the request for PIN. Once the PIN has been validated by the financial institution, the amount corresponding to the beverage and the number of cups of the beverage ordered is debited from the end users account followed by the beverage being served to the end user. The main aim of this paper not only lies in the automation of the entire beverage vending process but also provide an efficient and easy method for obtaining the cost for the beverage that the user has requested for. This design consideration is also helpful in providing an alternative way for payment for the beverages ordered by the end user. This paper contains a prototype of the Beverage Vending Machine (BVM) implemented using RESTful web services.