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An Enhanced Secure Routing Algorithm Against Sinkhole Attack In Wireless Sensor Networks

A wireless sensor network consists of a set of geographically distributed sensor nodes, which continuously monitor their surroundings and forward the sensing data to a base station through multi-hop routing. These networks use radio communications as a media for transmission which make them susceptible to different types of attacks. Sinkhole attack is considered as one of the severe attacks that is launched by a compromised node to divert the network traffic away from the intended route, Through this procedure sinkhole node attempts to draw all network traffic to itself. Thereafter it alters the data packets or drops the packets silently and finally destroy the network. A sinkhole attack causes a serious threat to sensor networks. In order to detect the sinkhole attack it is required to do enhancement in AODV based routing algorithm, which uses mobile agents designed for wireless sensor networks. In this proposal Mobile agents are used to collect information of all sensor nodes to make every node aware of the entire network, so that a valid node will not listen the cheating information from malicious node and detect sinkhole node based on finding difference of nodes sequence numbers using threshold value.