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Scalable Privacy Preservation Of EHRS Using Data Anonymization On Mapreduce Framework

Electronic Health Records are great source of information to research organizations and doctors for in-depth study and accurate diagnosis of diseases. There are pressing needs for EHRs to be shared and hence published in the public domain. However, there is one main aspect related to publishing of EHRs i.e. Data Privacy. In India, we don’t have proper Privacy Standards and Laws for Privacy of MHRs, whereas other European countries and USA have already identified the stigmatic consequences of leakage of EHR belonging to any particular person. This paper proposes a Scalable Two-Stage Top-Down Specialization approach to anonymize EHRs on MapReduce, which has potential to become vanguard for the pursuit of privacy for EHRs in India. Experimental evaluation results also shows that with our approach, the scalability and efficiency of top-down specialization can be significantly improved over existing Anonymization approaches.