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World Tourister – An Android Application As Travel Mate

The next generation open operating systems are not on desktops or mainframes but on the small mobile devices people carry every day. Every day a Smartphone user may look for a new application dedicated for their need. Android makes it easier for consumers to get and use new content and applications on their Smart phones. The openness of these new environments leads to new applications and markets and enables greater integration. This paper presents big data concept which is been used so as to provide near-by areas information and this information will be provided in the form of notification, a notification will appear on the cell phone of the user regarding the information of near-by areas. Proposed Paper presents an extremely on-demand, fast and user friendly Android Application. This application is useful for native Tourists and Travellers who possess Android Smart phones. It enables Travellers and Tourists to easily capture the native country language Books pages, signboards, banners and hotel menu using OCR, currency convertor, weather information display, along with emergency module which will be helpful in danger situation, etc. The main objective of this proposed application is to help tourist to travel easily and freely in travel place without any difficulty.