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Novel Interference Avoidance Approach For Femtocell Networks

Short range, low power, plug and play femtocell improves indoor service availability with higher data rate, better voice quality, extended cell edge coverage, network traffic offloading and negligible greenhouse gas emissions. However, due to frequency reuse, edge macrocell users are subjected to severe uplink interference from co-channel deployed femtocell in the same province. Transmit power control approach is a recommended remedy to overcome such type of interferences. This paper deals with macrocell uplink interference avoidance, based on femtocell user’s Maximum Transmit Power Control with release 11’s feedback (R-11 based MTPC) approach. The feedback strategy incorporated in this paper is formulated by 3rd Generation Partnership Program for Long Term Evaluation (3GPP LTE). Implementation of new release 11 signaling interface between femto-base station (FBS) and macro-base station (MBS) with power conditioning approach ensures minimal feedback delay, higher received signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR), significantly less outage probability and better throughput. Simulation results witnesses less feedback delay, better power conditioning with less interference, improved SINR, negligible outage probability.