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Security In Cloud Computing By Using Homomorphic Encryption Scheme With Diffie-Hellman Algorithm

Cloud computing is an emerging technology which provides various types of facilities to the users. Cloud computing is based on the concept of storage, virtualization, and connectivity and processing power to store resources and these resources are shared between different computers and other devices via the internet. To ensure the security of cloud computing is the challenging issue in the cloud environments. By using cloud computing, it becomes easier to access and use personal information in the Cloud. In order to provide the security to the cloud network, homomorphic encryption technique is applied at the virtual machine for the verification and encryption/decryption of the user. But due to the lack of key sharing and key management feature, we apply Diffie-Hellman algorithm at the virtual machine for the authentication of the user. Diffie Hellman algorithm allows two parties to communicate with each other and also exchange their secret keys over an unprotected communication channel without meeting in advance.