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Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Industry: A Study

Since a decade people are trying to automate everything by incorporating technology in every field. This paper presents the steps to solve transportation problems by automation. The technology required in order to automate a machine is known as artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is implemented as combination of several technologies. The process must be carried in three steps. Firstly there is a requirement of information, which is collected through technologies like human machine interface, computer vision and internet of things (IOT). Second step includes the conversion of information and driving experiences in readable form i.e. algorithms. In the last step vehicle analyzes the algorithms and learn driving as well as handling mobility scenarios. These algorithms can also be shared with other vehicles through cloud in order to make new vehicles learn driving in advance. The process of introducing artificial intelligence in automobiles isvery beneficial as driving a vehicle is of high responsibility and the chances of errors increases when the driver is feeling sleepy or struggling with fatigue. Keywords - Artificial Intelligence, Connectivity, Autonomy