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A Software Defined Wireless Network based K-Way Spectral Clustering Algorithm (SDWN-KSCA)

In WSNs too much energy consumption is considered to be critical as it causes network failure, and hence energy saving plays a major network performance metric which in case of absence, can lead to serious network problems resulting in the form of sensors failure, connectivity loss, and disconnected network. This paper introduces the use of a software defined network (SDN) controller in wireless sensor networks and shows how WSNs can benefit from the existence of SDN. Simulation has been conducted for the deployment of SDN controller at the base station, shows approximately 20% improvement in the overall network energy saving compared to the conventional energy saving approach based on network spectral clustering. In addition, our approach shows 25% improvement in the network lifetime. Index Terms - Software Defined Network (SDN) controller, Network performance metrics, Last node to die (LND), K-way spectral clustering, Energy saving.