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Communication of Different Mobile Phones Using Universal Pc Suite

For connecting a mobile to a PC (Personal Computer) it is necessary to install PC suite on PC and then using USB cable the mobile is connected to the PC. After successfully connecting a mobile to a PC the user is able to access all the data from mobile i.e. messages, contacts, phone, memory and also for connecting to internet from mobile is done. But whenever different mobiles i.e. of different companies are to be connected again it requires different PC suites to be installed on PC for interfacing. This becomes tedious task to install different PC suites. So, the idea suggested in this paper is trying to provide a common interface for different mobiles so that this PC suite becomes universal and it helps to connect all these different mobiles to a common PC suite. This will save time. This “Universal PC Suite” will be designed with the help of the AT commands because of more than 90% of the mobiles support AT commands.AT commands are the instructions used to control a modem. AT is abbreviation of Attention but it sometimes preferred as Attention Telephony. Many of the AT commands are used to control wired dial-up modem. To detect these AT commands by our desktop the HyperTerminal is used. HyperTerminal is an application for connecting computer to other remote system.