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A Review of Internet of Things (IoT) for Urban Planning

Most of the things in our surroundings are becoming smart. Everything becomes connected as humans connected to each other. Urban planning involves planning for the future lifestyle of people. This review focuses on IoT use in urban planning. Effectively means that this review is focused on „Smart cities‟. Smart cities consists of smart buildings, smart vehicles, smart parking, smart homes and smart devices. Smart people in the society is connected to a lot of things around them. Internet of Things is revolutionizing the way people live. Smart vehicles in a city drives itself according to human needs. Smart city concept brings personalization in lot services. There are a lot of benefits of IoT technology for urban planning. People need to invest a lot of resources to bring Internet of things live in an urban area. Because it requires a lot of devices which are interconnected with each other. However, the benefits brought by IoT technology exceeds the cost. All these development creates huge amount of data. Almost everything in a city will generate data to the clouds. Lot of algorithms will be programmed to capture this data. Proper analysis on this data will provide huge amount of personalization. Keywords - IoT, Urban Planning, Smart City, Infrastructure, Revolution