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Jamming Attack Detection And Rate Adaptation Scheme For IEEE 802.11

In a well planned field, wireless communication is reign along with military indicative and vehicle, but it is weak by jamming attack from an enemy because of the wireless interactive medium. Jamming attack is without difficulty procures by emitting nonstop radio signal and it can hinder with other radio communications contained by the network. Channel switching over diverse channels or route detouring have been prospective to reimpose communication from jamming attacks, but they want a peculiar radio system or knowledge of system topology. In this project, in order to overcome restrictions of the previous research, we propose a new rate adaptation scheme that is formable to jamming attack in a wireless multi-hop tactical system. The planned rate adaptation method detects jamming attack and selects the data transmission mode which has the provable medium throughput based on the successful transmission probability. Through the performance evaluations, we prove rate adaptation scheme that raise packet delivery ratio (PDR) and the wireless link utilization.