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Mobile Sink Path Discovery in Wireless Sensor Network- A Survey

The mobile sink path discovery is a challenging task and it is very much essential for efficient data collection. The basic objective of the work is to determine paths for each of the mobile sink and their parking time in a sensor network. The determination of the path can be done with the current statistics/status of the sensor network. In a wireless sensor network, the mobile sink collects the statistics/status of the network from the sensor nodes and a new path is computed along with the parking time for the sink. The path and the parking time for the mobile sink are calculated by considering only one mobile sink and multiple static sensor nodes. In this paper, a survey of various methods of data collection using sink path planning is discussed. The dynamic sink movement strategy with adaptive wait times, as a way of efficiently gathering data in WSNs . The schemes such as static sink, movement controlled, random movement of sink node, trajectory planned sink movement, etc. are discussed here. Keywords - Sensor Network, Path of Mobile Sink, Path Planning, Dynamic Path, Data Collection Algorithm.