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Smart Door Lock by Combining IoT and Blockchain

Internet of Things is a booming technology which is being used widely for automating and making things smart. But with the increasing number of cybercrimes, IOT devices are more vulnerable to such attacks these days. Huge amount of data is getting generated, daily and it’s becoming a great challenge in the field of data security. The technology to secure it is using Blockchain technology. This technology can be combined with IOT Devices to provide its security features and to manage the chunk of data being generated. In this research work this technology is used to secure a smart door lock. Access control mechanism is one of the key focus and substantial work that has been done in order to make an effective system. The application uses AES-Encryption to secure the data transmitted from device to the mobile application and vice-versa. A double linked list is used to store and verify the previous hashed data which consists user profile details trying to access the system and this mainly forms the blockchain technology. Keywords – Blockchain, Automation, Data Encryption, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart lock.