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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of SAP Implementation: A Case Study of a Palm Oil Industry in Indonesia

ERP systems promise significant benefits for organizations if project implementation is carried out appropriately. SAP is one of the well-known and widely implemented ERP software by companies today. A palm oil industry company in Indonesia is a group of companies engaged in the cultivation, production, and export of palm oil that has implemented SAP in three subsidiaries to support existing business processes in the company. From the identification of problems conducted through interviews and issue log documentation related to SAP implementation in this study there is a reality that is not by the expectations of achieving the SAP implementation objectives where the SAP implementation has not been effective so that decision making cannot be done in real-time. The purpose of this research will be to find out the factors that affect the effectiveness of SAP implementation. Furthermore, there will be a rating of factors that affect the effectiveness of SAP implementation by using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. From the ranking carried out will be prepared an improvement recommendation to increase the effectiveness of SAP implementation in a palm oil industry company. Keywords - Analysis of Factors, Effectiveness of SAP Implementation, Palm Oil Industry, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).