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To Analysis Various Security and Trust Computation Techniques for Social Networking Model

Abstract - This paper discusses research works in the field of knowledge-based user authentication covering the security and usability aspects of the most prominent user that has an authentication scheme: - such as text-, pin- and graphical-based. From the field of security, perspective, we analyze current threats from a user and service provider perspective. Trust and repudiation are widely used technique in the multiphase authentication techniques. A number of techniques have been applied for the interpretation and analysis of authentication and authorization data. Knowledge based system consists of password, known activities, favourite place, colour, friendship, known image, etc. Internet of Things (IOT), cloud computing, image processing and data mining techniques (DMT) can utilize to produce a trusted security technique.We will show the technique used in the form of a table which also includes their application area. The aim of the paper is to show comparison of different authentication methods for electronic payment (Debit/credit card, Debit/credit card with a PIN, QR Code with PIN and fingerprint biometrics authentication) in an e-commerce. Security and privacy are major concerned and people give enough attention to protect their privacy sensitive information. It prevents users private information includes interested user or misbehaviour during data sharing and malware detection. Recently even OTPs methodology has gone wrong to deliver proper result i.e via SMS. In order to avoid attacks and offer effective content security to 2PA credentials sent via SMS, an electronic signature of the OTPs can be used also with QA (Question & Answer) mechanism to be implemented. We will define the implementation parameter to do a security analysis of our proposal. This study will help newer researchers to choose appropriate authentication techniques, to deal with the security and trust computation encountered during multiphase authentication. We further discuss the main findings related to this research towards the design of secure, sustainable and usable authentication approaches. Keywords - Authentication Techniques, Security and Trust Computation, Multiphase Authentication