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Spatial Computing: Connecting Peripheral Activity through Object Detection using Webcam

Abstract - Deep Learning techniques are able to handle several tasks and as well as complex data from various sources better than previous state-of-the-art techniques and capture intricate structures of large scale data by understanding multi-modal information. Therefore, it is important in today’s world, and it has diverse applications such as facial recognition, medical images, object tracking, and so on. Consequently, for computer vision, deep learning techniques have shown to perform the most effectively. This paper highlights the early models and technologies used for object detection and image processing as well as the current advancements in the domain using opensource technologies. It aims to facilitate further research and development into creating hybrid environments that combine real and virtual environments to realise Spatial Computing applications for connected peripheral devices like the keyboard, mouse and trackpad for general purpose usage in various fields, as well as the viability of doing so as a result of technological advancements that have led us to the present technologies. Keywords - Deep Learning, Computer Vision, RCNN, Virtual Keyboard, Graphical Keyboard