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Road Topology Based Performance Analysis Of Distance Vector Routing Protocols In VANET

VANET(Vehicular adhoc Network) is emerging technology in which routing is important process from perspective of analysis and design of network applications of its kind. In this paper , existing distance vector routing protocols viz. DSDV , AODV and AOMDV are analyzed not as done earlier over grid topology, but considering details of road layout from grid topology. As we know, Road topologies such as Highway, Intersection and Bridge are common in city or urban areas. We proposed to run these protocols for each road topology to obtain more accurate evaluation. Different performance metrics such as PDR , end to end delay and routing overhead are used to obtain the result for all three routing protocol. We use tools NS 2.34,SUMO etc for implementation. Finally this analytical study helps to compare and decide better of routing strategy for city scenario with all possible road topologies.