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Training Certificates as NFT Using Ethereum Blockchain and IPFS

The blockchain is an enhanced database technique that enables transparent information exchange inside a corporate network. Blockchain technology is also known as distributed ledger technology. Data is stored in "blocks" in a blockchain database, and each block is connected to the next block in the chain. The suggested system is dependent on Blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT), both of which are chronologically consistent due to the fact that it is impossible to remove or amend the chain without the agreement of the network. Because of this, blockchain and NFT technologies are being utilized to generate training certificates that cannot be changed and may be used for monitoring orders, payments, and accounts. Certificates of training programs are reliable sources because they show that the person attended and passed the program. They are also a license to work and proof that the person has learned and can use their skills and abilities. Certificates are issued for a fee. The procedure for receiving a training certificate, paying the fees, and validating the certificate has grown into a significant problem that requires research and development. A decentralized architecture of training certificates as NFT by using the Ethereumblockchain and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is proposed and implemented. Ganache is used as an Ethereum test network to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed system. IPFS is used to store training certificate files on a decentralized file system. The smart contract is built in the solidity language, compiled, and deployed using the online Remix IDE (Integrated Development Environment). When compared to current training programs, the proposed decentralized architecture of training certificates is established to achieve usability, authenticity, security, transparency, and accessibility features. Keywords - Blockchain, Ethereum, IPFS, Smart Contract, NFT, Certificate