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A Discussion About Honeypots And Different Models Based On Honeypots

Honeypot is trap spread for an attacker so that his/her activities over a network could be captured and an advanced security feature could be provided to the network. Honeypot trap the attacker in such a way that it becomes difficult for an attacker to know that their activity are under consideration. Honeypot helps in roviding a beneficial effect on a network security. This paper discusses about the honeypot and also provides different useful information about it. In this paper different type of honeypots were discussed along with the history of honeypots. Paper also throws light on some of the models which are based on honeypot. Applications, advantages and disadvantages of honeypots were also discussed. Paper provides a complete detail description of honeypot in a beneficial way. Keywords—Honeypot, VoIP, NetFlow Generation, Cyber Threat Monitoring System (CTMS), Medium Interaction Honeypot.