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Location Recognition Using Prioritized Matching Algorithm

-In this project we are using simple location recognition and localization methods that utilize feature correspondence and geometry estimated from large Internet photo collections. The information about the images and image features are comparatively less when it is isolated. So we foresee the views which are the most common, which feature points in a scene are most reliable, and which features in the scene, tend to co-occur in the same image. Efficient localization is obtained through the information of the image, we develop an adaptive, prioritized algorithm for matching a representative set of SIFT features covering a large scene to a query image. In this approach we are considering features in the scene database, and matching them to query image features, as opposed to more conventional methods that match image features to visual words or database features. This approach improves the performance due to the richer knowledge of characteristics of the database features compared to query image features . Keywords -Location Recognition, Image Registration, Clustering The Features, Image Matching