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Advanced Encryption Techniques For Images

Abstract: Cryptography is one of the most widely used methods all over the world. Data is needed to be kept secret and that should not be disclosed anywhere. Hence to prevent our data, it is necessary to use some or the methods for doing so. There are many places and institutions where in the data is needed to be confidential. If the data is lost then there might be a tremendous loss. There are various ways in which the cryptography method can be implemented. Previous Encryption for Images included symmetric key combination. Advanced encryption for images is a cryptography technique which is based on bits rotation and reversal, extended hill cipher, modified Randomization. This can be used to encrypt any type of image. In addition to the technique, Visual Cryptography is added so as to make it highly secured. In this, mainly four things are going to be done.1) Image is accepted. 2) Generate the shares of the input image. 3) Combine the shares which we have generated and 4) Image verification. Encrypted image and original image is then compared with hash MD5 algorithm to check whether correct image is obtained or not.