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Security Communications Network For Interoperable Smart Grid

The ever increasing electric energy demand, together with the complex and nonlinear nature of the electric power distribution network, have caused serious power network issues in recent years. The promotion of modernized electric network (smart grid) that integrating control, automation, communication, information, and power technologies to deliver sustainable energy has been widely recognized. A smart grid system consists of many different subsystems that might have over millions of consumers and devices, the demand of its reliability is extremely critical. An interoperable communication network and its security is a key for the success of the emerging smart grid to deliver efficiently quality and reliable energy. In this paper, some of the key communications and their security challenges for realizing interoperable smart grid are presented. First, the background of smart grid system is introduced and the interoperability is addressed. Then, smart grid interoperable reference model (SGIRM) is described, and finally communication network and security measures for interoperability is presented. The aim of this paper is to offer a guideline of communication network and security requirements for interoperable smart grid. Keywords- security, communication network, smart grid, interoperability, electrical power system