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A Study and Comparison of AODV and EAODV Approach Routing For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

The mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is nothing but the wireless connection of mobile nodes which provides the communication and mobility among wireless nodes without the need of any physical infrastructure or centralized devices such as access point or base station. The communications in MANET is done by routing protocols. There are different categories of routing protocols introduced with different goals and objectives for MANETs such as proactive routing protocols (e.g. DSDV), reactive routing protocols (e.g. ADOV), geographic routing protocols (e.g. GRP), hybrid routing protocols etc. There are two important research problems with such routing protocols to address such as efficient load balancing and energy efficiency. In this paper, we are focusing on evaluation and analysis of efficient load balancing protocol design for MANET. Inefficient load balancing technique resulted into increasing routing overhead, poor packet delivery ratio and other Quality of Service (QoS) parameters. In literature there are number of different methods proposed for improving the performance of routing protocols by efficient load balancing among mobile nodes communication, however most of methods suffered from various limitations. In this paper we compared two protocols AODV and EAODV in MANET and we used different senarios different mobile speed and difference mobile size. Index Terms— AODV, EAODV, MANET, throughput, packet delivery ratio, routing overhead.