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Secure and Privacy Off-Line Micro-Payments For the Resilient Device

A micropayment scheme is designed for providing efficient and secure solution for online payment ecosystems. Micropayment applications has turns to be general usage in electronic payment due to the fasted development of the Internet and the improving sophistication of electronic commerce. It is specifically designed for the customer to make the safe payment. Assaulters commonly aim to stealing the customer data by using the Point of Sale i.e. the point at which a retail first gathers customer information. During the payment, in cases of network failure, attackers tires to steal the password from the customers so there may be no secure transaction On-line payment is possible. In our paper, we propose secure and privacy off-line micro-payment solution for the resilient attackers due to the PoS data breaches. We utilize the FRoDO protocol to make the secure and safe payment against attackers which not only analyze the customers coins but also verify the identity of the customer using identify element which enhances flexibility and security and improves the effectiveness of the system by providing the secure micro-payment between the customers and vendors. Index Terms— Micropayment Scheme, Point of Sale , resilient attackers, FRoDO protocol, and secure micro-payment.