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Replacement Of Deactivated Sensor Nodes In Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract─In wireless sensor network consist of a large number of tiny sensor nodes that is capable to perform local computations based on gathering sensory information and communicating with other sensor nodes in the network. The sensor nodes in WSNs equipped with batteries for their energy source, but it is inconvenient to recharge or replace batteries because of the sudden giving off energy. Hence, maximizing the lifetime of the network through minimizing the energy is an important challenge in WSN.This paper proposes a fault node recovery algorithm to provide energy efficient and effective communication in WSN. The algorithm is based on the combination of grade diffusion algorithm and the genetic algorithm. The FNR algorithm can replace the deactivated sensor nodes and more reused routing paths. In the simulation the FNR algorithm reduces the rate of packet loss by approximately 98.8% and reduces the rate of energy consumption by 100-80%.