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Performance Analysis & Extensive Comparison Of Routing Protocols (Dsr, Olsr, & Aodv) Using Opnet 14.0 Simulator In Wsn

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)is composed of large number of sensor nodes with each node capable of datasensing, data processing andwireless communication over short distance.Due to these characteristics, they are widely used in different domains of real life applications. Routing in WSN is more complicated due to the infrastructure-less nature of WSN. So, there is an indispensable need for enhancement of quality of collected data and for effective communication mechanisms in this study, different WSN routing protocols have been analyzedto determine which protocol would be suitable for which area size and network density in real life applications. In this research, the performance analysis and comparison are carried out between DynamicSourceRouting(DSR),Optimized link state Routing (OLSR &Ad hoc On- Demand Distance Vector Routing (AODV)for four different area sizes with variant node density in each. Moreover, the impact of protocol running time on each of the area size has also been taken care of. OPNET 14.0 simulator is used to simulate the scenarios for the analysis of DSR, OLSR and AODV. Moreover the performance of these routing techniques was measured on the basis of Delay (sec), Load (bps) andThroughput (bps) on Hyper Text Transfer Protocol(HTTP) traffic.The results showed that DSR protocol showed best performance in large scale network in most of the selected parameters. Keywords- AODV, DSDV, DSR, Packets, Performance Metrics, OPNET Simulation, Throughput; Delay.