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Method Of Expediting Scada Systems After Using A Protocol Iec 870-5-101

Analyzed the problem of determining the actual speed of SCADA systems using the protocol IEC 870-5-101. It is shown that the actual speed must be determined by the delay between the time of occurrence of "events for transmission" and fixing a receiver, for example, the display means at the disposal of the recipient information. The criteria for the transmission of events: change of state of the object under control or overrun of the measured parameter beyond the dead zone (aperture); Team entry call (survey) information; receipt of a signal from the timer; Funding from other devices controlled point or central point of control information to be rebroadcast on another channel. Presents requirements for the organization of information exchanges using the IEC 870-5-101 protocol, in particular the speed of the input module to the controller must be at least 2 MHz; the processing of the entire array of data received from the module to the controller must not exceed 3.6 ms. Index Terms- SCADA, speed, efficiency, protocol IEC 870-5-101, the transmit buffer data, the central controller