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IVRS And DTMF Based Voting System

Abstract- In developing regions like India, voice based telecommunication services are one of the most appropriate medium for information dissemination as they overcome prevalent low literacy rate. However, voice based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are still not exploited to their full potential and are commonly considered as frustrating to use. We work on a real world experiment to investigate the usability issues of a voice based system. This paper describes the implementation of IVRS and DTMF based voting system.By using IVRS and DTMF based voting system,we can save the time required for going to voting booth. This system is location independent. So we can vote from anywhere in the world. In this system, it does not allow even administrator to log in during voting period, hence corruption is not possible. We can vote through the toll free number. Hence it is free of cost. It is used for minimizing errors in voting and make the voting easier. It does not allow the person to vote who is already voted. Using this system, counting and displaying of voting result becomes easier. Using IVRS technology citizen can call on toll free number and by using DTMF technology authenticate himself using his voting number and give his vote using his mobile keypad .