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Conception Of A Banker’s Cheque Using Atm Interfaced With Trusted Third Party Server

Abstract- The main aim of this paper is to provide an convenient mechanism for generating a demand draft accepted by any financial institution using Automated Teller Machine (ATM) via a trusted third party server. The intention behind the process of automation of demand draft generation lies not only in the fact of reducing the workload on the financial institution but also to reduce the inter-bank transactions involved in the process of the same. The account number of the beneficiary is essential in this proposed system. The system generates the demand draft in form of a slip from the ATM with a barcode on the slip to idenify the transaction by the financial institution and assist during the cancellation. Association of the accout number of the benificiary with any financial instituioon is mandatory in the proposed system. ATM interface could be used to debit the account of the payee while generating the demand draft and the benificiary account will be credited only on the receipt of Demand draft from the benificiary from any financial instituioon. Proposed system not only automates the process of the demand draft generation but also avoids the underutilization of the existing ATM Terminals.