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Remote Patient Monitoring With Wireless Connectivity

Abstract- The Advent of Remote Patient Monitoring, recent advancements, innovations in sensors and low power wireless technologies enables monitoring and diagnostics assistance to patients even in the remote areas. For better diagnostics, Physicians need to monitor the vital signals of the patients continuously for hours. Current wired monitoring mechanisms restricts the patient’s mobility during this time and there by diagnosed for a small period of time. In hospital ICUs, all the signals are being monitored inside ICU itself, any alarm from system makes all the patients panic which has to be avoided especially for cardiac patients. The developed wireless device addresses these two problems by transmitting the patient’s ECG signal wirelessly which allows the monitoring of patient outside the ICU and even outside the clinical settings. A low power portable battery operated device is developed to transmit the patient’s ECG signal wirelessly on licensed narrow band healthcare spectrum. This receiver is interfaced with a web server and the ECG waveform is published in a webpage which allows the remote monitoring and diagnosis outside the clinical settings.