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On the Fly Search using Fuzzy Auto completion in Relational Database

Searching in Relational database is not an easy task. Researchers made many different techniques to make searching easier and produce effective results. One of the main function was to make a system in such a way even a ignorant can query efficientlyand retrieve a good result and at lesser cost of retrieval. So we have selected some of the techniques and evaluated them. When the size of the database increases it becomes even tough to retrieve the results using SQL. The Technique of searching must be optimum to give the requested information in a given time based on the user request. Since large volume of information has to be processed, there is need for an optimum order for ranking the queries to make searching more efficient. On-the-fly search is a method which gives answers when user types a query, one after the another character by character. This system which retrieve answers when a user enters query keywords is on-the-fly search or searchas- you-type or type-ahead-search. Our main aim is to propose a system using fuzzy algorithm with autocompletion feature which can improve the searching performance by retrieving the optimum search results and improving the performance of the algorithm by reducing the time required for generating the results. Keywords - component: SQL, On-the-fly, fuzzy, autocompletion