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Implementing UML Techniques for Effectively Teaching Internals of Unix Operating System using Sensory Stimulation Theory

Many computer science educators have no formal training in education. Their work simply gets grounded in the technology. For any teacher or student, it is very hard to find out the sources of difficulty in learning particular concept. According to the Sensory Stimulation Theory proposed by Laird (1985), effective learning occurs when the senses are stimulated and by stimulating the visual sense especially, learning can be enhanced. Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a language proposed for visualizing the system. There are several diagrams with which the static, behavioral and the architectural nature of the system can be graphically designed. UNIX is a vast operating system and is a core part of computer science academic curriculum. We are presenting UML as a technique to teach and learn the complex features of UNIX operating system. Keywords - Unified Modeling Language, UNIX operating system, Sensory Stimulation Theory, instructional material, kernel, User File Descriptor Table, Inode Table, Buffer, File Table, Use-Case diagram, Class diagram, Sequence diagram, Generalization, Realization, Component diagram