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Interactive Learning of Braille for Children using Linguistics

We are all aware of the hardships faced by the not so fortunate people. With the largest population of blind people in our country, we have proposed a system that would be beneficial for the visually impaired kids which will open the doors for them to lead a life that is, if not normal, at least close to normal. We believe that learning starts at a very young age; hence we have targeted children between the ages 3 to 6 and inculcate the basic concepts of Braille in our native language Tamil, such that they flourish in the future. We have created a Haptic Interface with the help of Arduino board and made use of Laptops for Automatic speech recognition that helps them in active learning. We have also included learning in various difficulty levels such as Easy, Intermediate, and Hard which would pop up based on the reactions and the answers given by them. Keywords - Arduino Uno,Visual basic, learning system,solinoid valve .