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BIGDATA and IOT: A Composition of Opportunities and Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) is a significant concept of a new technology generation. It is a visualization that permits the sensors or embedded devices to be interconnected over the Internet. The upcoming IoT will be greatly presented by the colossal quantity of heterogeneous networked embedded devices that generate intensively "Big data". Enormously a large amount of data is being collected today by many organizations and in a continuous raise. It makes complex and computationally inefficient to analyze such a massive data. The quantity of the available raw data has been expanding on an exponential scale. In a massive database, the valuable information is hidden. The new developed Bigdata techniques can handle many challenges that face data analysis and have the ability to extract valuable information. This survey paper discusses Bigdata and its framework with composition of IoT and how it is created. Many IoT existing, future application and a variety of IoT technologies whether wired or wireless are viewed. Index terms - BigData, BigData Framework, Internet of Things (IoT), Heterogeneous data, IoT architecture,