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Use of a Blended Learning Approach for an Internet of Things Course

Internet of Things (IoT) is a truly auspicious and challenging field of study and business. The advance in communication technology and the promising 5G development aiming at lower battery consumption and lower frequencies will have high impact on spreading IoT services which enhances mobility and portability in different fields like e-health ebanking, entertainment and others.The universities, proved to be aware of the importance of this emerging topic, are introducing an IoT course in their programs. Blended learning is suitable to use in an IoT course since the student has to build his knowledge from different fields of studies and because of the discrepancies that exist among students. Some learners fromtechnical background will not put effort on connecting hardware but rather in learning programming while other learners fromprogramming background will need more assistance in setting up the infrastructure. So it is a course with different paces and speeds. The unified class lecture will tackle the common points between learners and the online part will be at the pace of each learner. Keywords - Internet of Things, Blended Learning, Course Design, Innovation.