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A Review: Internet-of-Things Gateways Architectures and Challenges

This paper presents a survey of Internet-of- Things (IoT) gateways based on several reputation publications. A group of recent papers were studied to come out with good idea about the architectures and challenges regarding the IoT gateways that are used in the IoT applications in modern day living. Future outlines of each paper are presented and some problems are mentioned as motivation to complete the research in order to find out acceptable solutions. The aim of this study is to integrate the good properties that improve the used algorithms in data aggregations from the sensors (from the gateways side) and enhance the actuators response from the user in terms of time, accuracy and reliability. Open challenges and future trends in the design and programming of the IoT gateways are concluded. Keywords - Internet-of- Things (IoT), Gateways, Radar Frequency Identifier (RFID), Wireless Sensor Network (WSN).