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A Vision Based Approach Towards Developing State-Of-The-Art Autonomous Vehicle

Driving a vehicle is a mundane task performed by any human essentially with merely the use of his vision and intelligence. As far as the research in the course of developing an autonomous vehicle is concerned, the research is oriented towards using multiple cameras and 3-D sensors. This research approach contradicts the natural human behaviour. We, in this paper, present ways to implement the driving of a ground vehicle autonomously using the senses similar to what humans use- Vision and Intelligence; both artificial in this case. We propose methodologies wherein a single camera when complemented by a convex lens will capture an omnidirectional view of the surroundings and further, how the trajectory of the vehicle can be planned by applying complex transform equations on these images. We expect these methodologies to prove beneficial in developing a state of the art system having minimum computational overhead and hardware costs but of equal competence as is currently being worked upon at various organizations.