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Performance Analysis of Spray and Focus on Vehicular Delay Tolerant Network (VDTN) with Shortest Path Map Based Movement

DTN is wirelees network where nodes communicate cannot be determined time or it can be said that the relationship between nodes rare. Unlike conventional network mobile ad hoc network (MANET), the end-to-end between the source with destination node will only is ready in a short time and are not predictable. DTN has the dynamic characteristics. The node on the DTN can be a source node, intermediate nodes or destination node, consisting of mobile node and static nodes connected with high delay. Spray and Focus Routing there are 2 schemes, the first scheme to be generated a spray scheme (spraying). The spraying scheme is a number of copies or "forwarding tokens" to a number of different nodes, the node is called the relay node. Then, go to the second scheme where each relay will carry the copy and move to another node corresponding to the destination node, if the node does not directly meet the destination node and the previous step will continue to repeat until the destination node or Time To Live of the message is up. Based on observation, the resulting Spray and Focus routing algorithm improve performance packet delivery ratio (PDR)than Spray and Wait routing algorithm, but Spray and Wait have better Avarage Latency than Spray and Focus routing algorithm. Index Terms - Spray and Focus,One Simulator, Packet Delivery Ratio, Average latency

Author - Ilman Syakir Saputra, Doan Perdana, Tjahjo Adiprabowo R.

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| Published on 2018-07-17
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