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Kerberos Authentication With Cloud Computing Access Control

Cloud computing is a relatively new concept, so it is unsurprising that the security of information and data Protection concerns, network security and privacy still need to be addressed fully. The cloud computing allows clients to avoid hardware and software in Investments, gain flexibility, and cooperation with others, and to take advantage of sophisticated Services. However, security is a big problem for cloud computing clients especially access control; client profiles management and access services provided by public cloud computing environment. This article we are proposing an authentication model for cloud computing based on the Kerberos V5 protocol to provide single sign-on and to prevent against DDOS attacks in the access control system. This model could benefit by filtering against unauthorized access and to reduce the burden, computation and memory usage of cloud computing against authentication checks for each client. It acts as a trust third party between cloud computing servers and clients to allow secure access to cloud computing services. In this paper we will see some of the related work for cloud computing access control security issues and attacks. Then in next section we will discuss the proposed architecture. Keywords- Cloud, Role Based Access Control, Authentication Protocol, Key Distribution

Author - Santosh Khamitkar, Yaser Fuad Al-Dubai, Parag Bhalchandra, Pawan Wasnik

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| Published on 2015-06-17
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