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Paper Title :
An Analysis And Contrast Study On Packet Classification Algorithms Using Recursive Dimensional Cutting

Author :Hediyeh Amirjahanshahi Sistani, Sayyed Mehdi Poustchi Amin, Haridas Acharya

Article Citation :Hediyeh Amirjahanshahi Sistani ,Sayyed Mehdi Poustchi Amin ,Haridas Acharya , (2014 ) " An Analysis And Contrast Study On Packet Classification Algorithms Using Recursive Dimensional Cutting " , International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN) , pp. 79-84, Volume-2,Issue-5

Abstract : Abstract—there is an exhaustive engagement of packet classifiers in network applications devices such as firewalls and routers. There must be an understanding of the actual accomplishment of endorsed packet classifier. This is essential for algorithm designers and end users. The task is tedious as it requires the evaluation and initiation of each pioneering algorithm from different angles as per diverse theories. The comparison of different algorithms directly is fundamentally impossible without a common establishment the system facilitators are helped to smoothly select the appropriate algorithm for their actual applications. If a feeble algorithm is selected and applied it may entail major expenses as packet classifiers in network firewall have contemporary algorithms created on explicit heuristics and rule set features. The collective success of the network firewalls depends upon the paramount performance of the packet classification subsystem. To offer a comparative evaluation of a number of known classification algorithms that have been deliberated for both software and hardware applications, this study investigates the existing algorithms We have also explained our previously. The proposed DimCut packet classification algorithm, its association with the HiCuts, Hyper Cuts and Woo packet classification algorithms with the comparative evaluation analysis, has been explained after matching principles and design selections from diverse sources, the comparative implementation on applications are created. To obtain performance measurements the implemented classifiers with a large number of random Rules and Packets in an identical test case scenario are fed in.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-2,Issue-5


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| Published on 2014-05-16
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