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Secure E-Pay using Steganography and Visual Cryptography

There has been a tremendous growth and attraction towards the online shopping in recent time throughout the world. But on the other side we have a major task in hand to protect personal as well as banking information. After the rapid use of online transactions the rise in debit & credit card fraud and steeling the personal information is the real worry for the end users and online retailers. Also banks need to update and upgrade their security and policies to prevent this type of frauds. The intention behind this project is to improve the existing E-Commerce & online shopping retailer's application security. By using this system we can minimize the content shared between the end users and E-Commerce businesses by making sure that the funds will be transferred successfully to the retailers with encapsulating the consumer information so that such information is not misuse by the merchandise. We can achieve the introduction of CA i.e. Central Certificate Authority with application of Steganography and RG - based Visual Cryptography. Keywords - Online Shopping, Inforrmation Security, Steganography,Visual Cryptography.

Author - Sarita Swamy, Reshma Gulwani

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| Published on 2017-09-08
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