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Privacy Preserving And Batch Auditing In Secure Cloud Data Storage Using AES

Nowadays many IT organisation wish to go for cloud computing environment, as there are various ad-vantages of preferring this environment. Many techniques and methods are used to build this cloud environ-ment in order to provide secure access to cloud. Because of cloud user become free from different data manage-ment task, as this data management is done by the third party expert auditor (TPA). But still there are certain security issues of this third party auditor as during this audit TPA can get access to the data in the cloud. se-curity in cloud has become the most on demand issue to be addressed in cloud computing environment. Vari-ous method and techniques are used to provide security in cloud environment. Privacy preserving between cloud and TPA has to be addressed to avoid the data leakages. RSA based homomorphic authenticator was used to en-crypt the data. Here, we had implemented AES instead of RSA, to increase the efficiency and security. To speed up the auditing by TPA batch auditing scheme is introduced, which has the ability to audit the files batch wise. Supporting data dynamics is privacy preserving and public auditing has special importance. Care must be taken so that no new vulnerabilities should get introduced.