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Intrusion Detection As A Service On Private Cloud

In this era of digitization, we are very much dependent on computer communication networks in our day to day activities ranging from e-shopping, e-banking to e-business. With the help of personal computers, we have comfort to get almost everything within few clicks. But every technology has some pros and cons. This comfort of using internet for day to day activities comes with the big risk of security from cyber crime. We need security of computers, security of networks, security of our critical data such as banking details or some business critical information etc. Now the time has come that every single communicating device and the network should have proper security measures. The issue is how to fulfill this ever increasing demand of network security. Because providing network security is not an easy task. It requires 24x7 network monitoring with huge resources such as storage, network bandwidth and skilled personnel. Everybody cannot afford to have such a costly infrastructure. With the use of cloud computing technology, we are proposing a simple, easy and cost effective solution to network security. 1.e. cloud based intrusion detection service. It is our unique idea to develop a security system using intrusion detection as service on cloud. Our system will collect the data from client network, analyze that data and will generate standard reports to give alerts to the client.