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Data Scavenging Threat In Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a web based technology that change our way of working and provide online collaboration. Cloud computing is user centric, task centric, powerful, accessible, intelligent and programmable. Cloud computing offers convenience, speed, provides users with on – demand services and can be accessed when required. Several benefits are offered by cloud computing but one of the barrier of cloud computing is security because data is stored on multiple third- party servers, rather than on the traditional dedicated servers which are used in traditional data storage. Cloud computing can be broken down into three distinct layers offering different service types known as SPI model. This paper describes the threats found in the SPI model. Countermeasures for various threats such as data leakage, customer-data manipulation VM escape, malicious VM creation, insecure VM migration, sniffing/spoofing virtual networks have been provided but countermeasures for denial of Service, VM hopping and data scavenging are not provided. Countermeasure for data scavenging is provided in this paper.