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A Identity-Destructing Information Method Based On Dynamic Storage Structure

The associate method is excellent at perform high ask for rate, while the server method is excellent at climbing with video inhabitants size. We design an flexible criteria (AMS) to choose the support method instantly. Naturally, AMS changes support method from server method to associate method when too a lot of colleagues demand for obstructed films, and the other way around. The ability of AMS to achieve excellent efficiency in different working routines is verified by simulator. In this document, we present SeDas, a program that fits this task through a novel incorporation of cryptographic methods with active storage methods based on T10 OSD standard. We applied a proof-of-concept SeDas model. Through efficiency and security qualities assessments of the SeDas model, the results illustrate that SeDas is realistic to use and satisfies all the privacy-preserving objectives described. Compared to the program without self-destructing information procedure, throughput for posting and installing with the suggested SeDas acceptably reduces by less than 72%, while latency for upload/download functions with self-destructing information procedure improves by less than 60%.