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Client-Side Web Development Learning Environment with Utilization of Real Time Collaboration Tools (WEBLECT) using Web RTC For Blended Learning

The learning process is aided by employing collaboration-based information possibly improving its retention through the already proven effectiveness of blended learning models. Going with the interaction and experience based blended learning, actual application of a problem-solving scenario makes a person try to accomplish the task based on how it was achieved in the past before trying anything else. With enough experience of tackling a problem a learner should be able to tap previous knowledge to accomplish an endeavor. Allowing a more meaningful approach to learning enables learners to retain as much information as possible. In this study a survey was conducted to gain understanding on web development learner’s ideas on learning better through collaboration. The proponent used different studies as a reference for enhancing learners’ experiences in web development learning which was eventually developed in to a learning management system with real-time collaboration tools. Web RTC was used in providing the real-time functionalities within the system that allowed learners to communicate in real-time thereby enhancing their experience and allowing them to share and collaborate ideas. Keywords - Blended Learning, Experiential Learning, Web Development, Web, WebRTC