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Enabling Search Operations on Private Spatial Data in Cloud

Cloud offering different kinds of services to users and organizations with different cloud model like public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Introducing public cloud which provides data storage and query services available for more users along with low cost. Data outsourcing is a common cloud computing model that allows data owners to take advantage of its on-demand storage and computational resources. The main challenge is maintaining data confidentiality regarding intruders. Present methodologies either conciliation the undisclosed of the data or undergo from high communication cost between the server and the user. To overcome this problem, suggest a dual transformation and encryption scheme for spatial data, where encrypted queries are executed entirely by the service provider on the encrypted database, and encrypted results are returned to the user. The user issues spatial related queries to the service provider, using the decrypt key the user can get the response. Finally our proposed method moderates the unique query communication between the authorized user and service provider. Encrypt the data using Advanced Encryption Standard and Indexing and ranking algorithm to process KNN queries. Keywords - Spatial Databases, Data Encryption, Security, Query Processing, Database Outsourcing.