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Enhancing The Data Security And Integrity On Cloud Using Multiple Tpa Architecture

Cloud Computing is called future generation architecture for computing. Generally cloud computing is a large scale and internet based computing paradigm in which pool of resources, shared software information is accessible to the world via internet. Now a day’s data storage is important application of cloud where data owners put their data on cloud servers and users access their data from servers, Since Cloud Computing stores the resources and data in the cloud environment, security of stored data has become the main concern. Even though the Cloud computing is efficient and promising; there are several challenges for data security as there is no data proximity for the Cloud user. In proposed work the aim is to guarantee the data correctness, we consider the task of assigning multiple Third Party Auditor (TPA) on behalf of cloud client instead of existing schemes which uses single verifier (TPA). Also to ensure user authentication we extend our work by using the technique of digital signature and the Blowfish cryptographic algorithm together for better security of the cloud data and miscellaneous attacks. It provides good security with better data efficiency. Keywords- Cloud computing, Cryptographic Algorithm, Data Security and Integrity; Digital Signature, Third Party Auditor.