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The URL Features For Phishing By Using Word Suggestion

In recent years, with the rapid development of technology, internet has become a tool we often use, it brings us convenience for the daily life, and personal information has become increasingly important. It also results in number of cyber-attacks, among them, phishing attacks are often used to steal information. There are different method to forge a website, due to the different time and environment. In order to detect phishing attacks effectively, the goal of this study propose some new features to prevent phishing attacks. We first analyze the URL before users loading sites, check the word combinations whether is meaningful or not. We obtain features and classify the website according to these features. It is determined whether the site is a phishing site. Overall, we propose the method in the paper can identify their phishing sites effectively, the method of analysis URL with 95.71 % accuracy rate. Keywords- Phishing, Classification, Features